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  Enzyme & Biopharmaceuticals


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Innovative Technology

Amicogen's growth engine starts with R&D.
We continue innovative research and technology development for the first and best products.

Contribute to global environment and health 
of mankind by developing world class bio products.


Grow as a global bio company by 2030 through innovative biotechnology development and commercialization

Amicogen, Inc. Overview

Global Bio Company

Amicogen has equipped with a strategic business structure in 3 business divisions, 

'Enzyme · Bio pharmaceuticals’, 'health care' and 'bioprocess/ CDMO by combining sustainable enzyme technology and its applied technology. 

Enzyme platform

As a global bio leader beyond Korea, we remind our mission to 

contribute to global environment and health of mankind by developing world class bio products' and lead the global environment and the sustainability of humankind.

KOSDAQ listing
Since the KOSDAQ listing, Amicogen has introduced domestic and overseas technologies for synergy of our technologies and businesses by expanding R&D investment internally and by open innovation activities externally.



Lysando GmbH

Labmaster Oy

Bio-Works Technologies AB

c-LEcta GmbH

Amicogen China Biopharm Co,.Ltd

Sandong Amicogen Biotechnology, LLC

Our Core-Technology

Speciality Enzyme

Amicogen has developed a special enzyme, an eco-friendly biocatalyst, that replaces existing chemical catalysts using our own gene evolution technology.
Our technology is specialized in the development of special enzymes used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries, which is evaluated as a future growth technology to replace chemical processes.
Amicogen's original business, the special enzyme business, uses enzymes to produce the pharmaceutical raw material (API), intermediates for pharmaceuticals, biological pesticides, and food/cosmetics/feed additives, and promotes gradually expanding its area to enzyme drugs.

Pharmaceutical Enzyme

Green API & Direct fermentation production

Enzyme for environmental chemical industry

OEM & ODM Service

Gene Evolution

Gene evolution refers to a technology that artificially accelerates the recombination phenomenon that occurs in nature in vitro to select genes with the desired characteristics in a short period of time.

Enzyme Reaction

The yield and quality of reaction products can be increased by an efficient process

Mass production technology for enzymes and proteins 

High value-added enzymes and proteins should be produced at a lower cost to replace the existing chemical process.

Immobilized enzyme development and mass production technology

In order to use expensive enzymes and proteins industrially, these materials should be reused as much as possible in the production process to reduce cost and further increase competitiveness compared to chemical processes.

"Double 11 Live Commerce" 

in the Chinese Market: A New Sales Model for our Collagen Tripeptide

Amicogen's collagen tripeptide produced by our own-patented enzyme is successfully coming to the market as a liquid form of "collagen tripeptide drink". 

This product will be introduced via a new live commerce path to reach more potential customers. It will also appear in China's largest annual shopping event, Double 11. Chinese broadcasters including Luo Miao, Zhang Qianwan, Ning Er and Fei Fei will join hands to launch a brilliant live show.

Let us looking forward to achieving outstanding results in this live show.

Our Partners

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