Food Processing and Feed Enzyme

CKzyme FL                    Produce Compound K from Ginsenoside in ginseng extract.

Chimax-N                   Fungal Endo- and Exo- Chitinase

Chimax-O                       Endo- Chitosanase

Immobilized Lipases with high durability

CalB-10X                        Candida Antarctica lipase B.

CalB-10X up                  Candida antarctica lipase

TL-10X                             Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase

Lysing Enzyme

CW-Lytic F1                   Production of protoplast of fungi and mushroom strains

Pharmaceutical Immobilized Enzyme

AMG 118                        Immobilized cephalosporin C acylase

AMK 218                        Immobilized amoxicillin acylase

AMK 318                        Immobilized cephalexin acylase

AMK 328                       Immobilized cefaclor acylase

AMK 418                       Immobilized cefprozil acylase

AMK 518                        Immobilized cefradine acylase

AMK 618                       Immobilized cefadroxil acylase

AMK 718                       Immobilized cefazoline acylase

AMK 818                       Immobilized cefotiam acylase

AMG-HX                       D-p-HPG production from D-p-HPH

AMK-GX                       Immobilized Penicillin G hydrolase

AMK-EX                       Immobilized cephalosporin C or 7-ACA esterase