Mass production

Mass production technology for enzymes and proteins 

High value-added enzymes and proteins should be produced at a lower cost to replace the existing chemical process. To do this, the microorganisms expressing the enzymes should be cultured, that is, fermented, for mass production. 

In addition, mass production at low cost can be possible when cultivation conditions such as suitable incubator for various microorganisms, various nutrients used for cultivation, pH of the medium, cultivation temperature, oxygen demand, etc. also should be optimized through technology development. 

Enzymes produced through this mass fermentation should be separated and purified by different methods depending on whether they are expressed in cells or secreted outside of cells. 

When the enzyme is secreted outside of the cells, the cells are removed and only the culture medium is recovered and purified, however, when the enzyme is expressed in cells, it can be separated and purified into clean and high-purity enzyme only through complex procedures such as cell recovery, cell disruption, removal of disrupted cell debris and various nucleic acid substances, and ion exchange.