CalB-10X up


CalB-10X up (Candida antarctica lipase)


CalB-10X up is a lipase B originating from Candida antarctica, immobilized on hydrophobic carrier. It is an upgraded version of CalB-10X, which can be used for the process requiring higher efficiency.

Main areas of application  

• Esterification, de-esterification, and transesterification

• Biodiesel production

• Food making


Activity                                             > 10,000 Propyl Laurate Unit(PLU)/g (dry weight)

Production host                               Candida antarctica

Storage Temperature                      No direct light

                                                          Dry condition

                                                          Temperature maintained 4~10°C



• Color: White

• Properties: Dried immobilized enzyme

• Size of immobilization support: 200~300 μm (>95%)

• Shape: Spherical type

• Water content: < 5%